How ‘Mr. Malcolm’s List’ Marries the Indie and Commercial Souls of Freida Pinto

There’s no denying that Freida Pinto has had a career path unlike almost any other modern actor.

Thrust into international fame, acclaim, and an undefeated awards streak with 2008’s “Slumdog Millionaire,” the Mumbai native found herself in a unique position when it was time for what came next.“Over the last 15 years I’ve managed to learn a lot of things on the producing side and also have learned what my call towards storytelling is,” Pinto told IndieWire during a recent Zoom interview.

It’s the call that led her to start the production company Freebird Films, the call that leads her to be judicious about acting projects including “Mr.

Malcolm’s List.”The Regency era romance is the latest in a growing lineup of films that diversify the genre, but it ties back to Pinto’s roots in unexpected ways.

Ahead, she tells IndieWire about the film’s Bollywood flair,

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