How Netflix’s Animated ‘Over the Moon’ Bridges Folklore and Science in Anthemic Theme Song (Exclusive)

A trio of songwriters — Christopher Curtis, Helen Park and Marjorie Duffield — created the tunes at the heart of animated musical “Over the Moon,” the story of a young girl with a passion for science who seeks to prove the existence of the legendary Moon Goddess in the tales her recently departed mom would tell her.

The film’s anthemic central song, “Rocket to the Moon,” distributed by Milan Records and available Aug.

28, will be the first taste of the much-anticipated picture, coming to Netflix in the fall.The movie marks the directing debut of longtime animator Glen Keane, who has worked on Disney classics including “Aladdin,” “Pocahontas” and “Beauty and the Beast.” It stars Cathy Ang as the voice of 12-year-old Fei Fei, who remembers her mother (Ruthie Ann Miles) regaling her with the Chinese folktale of Chang’e (Phillipa Soo of “Hamilton”), the goddess who holds the secret of immortality.

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