How Quentin Tarantino Recreated TV Show ‘Lancer’ for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

One of the great surprises of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was that Quentin Tarantino got to make his third western (following “Django Unchained” and “The Hateful Eight”) with his retro-contemporary redo of the actual ’60s TV series “Lancer.” Only he originally had something much more subversive in mind for Leonardo DiCaprio’s has-been actor, Rick Dalton, doing a guest shot as a hippie-looking gunslinger.“It’s shot like a movie and Quentin was very cognizant of that,” said editor Fred Raskin.

“Because early on in the screenplay and the design of the movie, when you’re introduced to ‘Lancer,’ you weren’t aware as to what you were watching.

At a certain point, we cut to this western world and there was this disorientation of, ‘Wait a minute, where are we now?’ And as we were editing the movie and shaping and refining it, that was one element

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