How Soderbergh Designed His Own Filmmaking Universe – The ‘High Flying Bird’ Interview

Steven Soderbergh has spent a good portion of his career eliminating anything and anyone standing between the visuals and ideas in his head and his ability to translate them into moving images as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Last week, Soderbergh sat down with IndieWire to discuss his new Netflix film “High Flying Bird” — which explores the “what if” scenarios of basketball players starting their own league — and it was hard to not draw the parallel of, as he himself discusses, a director who has created his very own filmmaking universe.

No matter the topic — shooting his next film “The Laundromat,” what’s next for his branching narrative “Mosaic” project, the iPhone, Netflix, his own viewing habits, or David Fincher — Soderbergh reveals a man who has designed his life to be constantly moving toward the next iteration and exploration of himself as a filmmaker.IndieWire: “They built a game on top of a game.

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