How Star Wars: Visions Fulfills The Promise Of A Decade-Old Art Project Curated By George Lucas Himself

Unbeknownst to some viewers, “Star Wars: Visions,” the new anime anthology streaming on Disney+, shares its title with both a museum exhibition, which toured Japan from 2015 to 2017, and a coffee table book, published back in 2010.

The book is out of print now but you can still find copies from Amazon sellers.

It featured illustrations by over a hundred artists, including legendary cartoonists, painters, designers, concept artists, and comic book artists like Moebius, Boris Vallejo, H.R.

Giger, Syd Mead, and Alex Ross.Creator George Lucas, in his own words, asked these artists “for pieces that were inspired by ‘Star Wars’…The post How Star Wars: Visions Fulfills the Promise of a Decade-Old Art Project Curated by George Lucas Himself appeared first on /Film.

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