How ‘Stranger Things 4’ Sets Up the Final Chapter

In case you had any doubts, “Stranger Things” isn’t over, and it intends to go out with a bang.“Stranger Things 4: Volume 2” dropped July 1, with two super-sized episodes and a conclusion to Season 4’s Vecna storyline — allegedly.

After nine episodes and 13 hours, the big bad is not gone but resting, biding his time until the next Season– um, fight.Here’s where everything wrapped up in “Stranger Things 4,” and where we go from here.One To ElevenAfter unmasking the monster Vecna as Henry Creel a.k.a.

One a.k.a.


Brenner’s first experiment at the end of “Volume 1,” Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) goes after her old Hawkins Lab compatriot armed with this knowledge.

Unearthing the memory of banishing One to the Upside Down also jump-started her powers, allowing her to defeat Brenner (Matthew Modine) and escape the facility.Time and tentacles have not dulled One’s memory.

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