How The Exorcist Ended Up With Two Prequels Less Than a Year Apart

There are few horror films more iconic than The Exorcist.

The tale of a young girl’s demonic possession and her salvation by a pair of Catholic priests has endured at an unprecedented level, and almost fifty years on, it is still regularly cited as the scariest film ever made.

From its haunting imagery to its spine-tingling use of music, it’s hard to think of one aspect that hasn’t implanted itself into the public consciousness.

No doubt much of this is fueled by its litany of behind-the-scenes troubles that popularized the theory that it was cursed – troubles that extended to its theatrical release when it was met with protests and attempts to have it banned.

Not that these prevented it from finding great success, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated horror film ever (a title it held until 2017’s It) and receiving nominations for ten Academy Awards.

Discussions quickly began on a follow-up,

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