How the ‘Fatima’ Designer Found Portuguese Towns to Recreate Historical Miracle

Director Marco Pontecorvo shot his film “Fátima” entirely on location in Portugal, not just for authenticity, but because the Portuguese government also created a special film incentive package, giving the production a tax credit.The movie, released via PVOD and in theaters on Aug.

28, is based on historical events in 1917 when three young children reported seeing the Virgin Mary in the rural village of Fatima, Portugal while in the fields.

The apparitions caused believers to flock to the site.Set against a backdrop of World War I, Pontecorvo makes his English feature film debut in the retelling of the story.

The former “Game of Thrones” cinematographer sought to find the right towns to film in.

He relied on production designer Cristina Onori to transport viewers and the production to 1917.

Together, they scouted around, settling on the towns of Tapada de Mafra, Coimbra, Tomar, Lisbon and Cidadelhe to serve as a backdrop.

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