How the Three-Part Arc Helped ‘Harriet’ Editor Wyatt Smith in the Editing Room

It has taken us until 2019 to have a film about Araminta “Minty” Ross.

Better known in history as Harriet Tubman.

In Kasi Lemmons’ new film “Harriet,” the story breaks away from the typical slave narrative of an upward journey.

Rather, we get a story that delves into the woman, her humanity and inspirational life.The film is defined, as editor Wyatt Smith points out, by “three distinct chapters of her life.” The first is Harriet as a slave woman who “is physically strong but oppressed” as she is abused and torn from her family.

We then “watch her escape to freedom.” Smith explains, “She finally gets to experience life as a free woman in Philadelphia, amongst those who grew up so differently from her.

At the same time, she is burdened by sadness and solitude without her husband and family.

She knows that her freedom would never bring her any

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