How the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Cast Trained to Fly Fighter Jets

Audiences coming out of “Top Gun: Maverick” this weekend want to know one thing, are the actors really flying those fighter jets? The answer in short is, yes.Tom Cruise, who returns as “Maverick,” is renowned for doing his own stunt work, and he wanted his stars Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro and Glen Powell to learn how to fly.

That’s where the film’s aerial coordinator, Kevin Larosa Jr., stepped in.Larosa Jr.

worked with Cruise to put together an intense flight program that began with the cast flying in a smaller aircraft.

“We started with the Cessna 172 and we took them through basic flying.

This allowed them to see what it was like to take off, land and know where to look and put their hands,” Larosa.



That starter plane also allowed the actors to get a feel of what a small g-force felt like.And

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