How Ti West Brought Horror Back Into Technicolor

X” and “Pearl,” the first two entries in a surprise horror trilogy that concludes with the recently announced “MaXXXine,” couldn’t look more different from one another.

“X” is inspired by the gonzo, rough-and-ready filmmaking of the 1970s.

“Pearl” looks like it could’ve been shot by the Freed unit, mimicking the three-strip Technicolor process that’s inextricably tied to old Hollywood grandeur.

Both films, however, are united by director Ti West’s love for filmmaking, and the pull that movies have on people for better and/or worse.“Pearl” is a prequel set in 1919, starring Mia Goth in one of the two roles she originated in “X” — but the form of the film changes to suit its titular character’s origin story.

It’s one that’s much more tied to old styles of shooting, where composition, framing, and lighting can tell us everything about how Pearl finds herself

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