‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ Soars Over Box Office Projections

The box office picked up steam this weekend, thanks to DreamWorks Animation sequel “Dragon-The-Hidden-World-2019-movie-posters/”>How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.” Last year, on its second weekend “Black Panther” delivered double this $55-million opening.

2018’s number one blockbuster aside, the reality is that 2019 box office revenue is down by 25 percent from last year, with the amount likely to increase to 27-28 percent by month’s end.The total gross (at slightly lower ticket prices) through February 24 last year was around $1.85 billion.

Through the same date this year, it’s below $1.4 billion.

By Thursday, the gap will approach $500 million –one sixth of the way through the year.

And the total isn’t just down from last year.

The falloff in ticket sales is no less than 15 percent over the previous five years.This initially strong start comes on top of $216 million the third “Dragon” movie has already taken in overseas.


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