How Universal Saved Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black From A Straight-To-Video Fate

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment might be a name you’re not entirely familiar with, but they actually had quite a few successful and iconic films under their belt.

An American Werewolf in London,” “Fargo,” “Dead Man Walking,” and countless others were among PolyGram’s output until the company finalized deals with MGM and Universal Pictures in 1998.

MGM would receive the rights to PolyGram Filmed Entertainment’s films released before 1996 (via Sound and Vision), and Universal Pictures would receive the rights to an undisclosed number of movies released afterward (via Variety).

It is a bit of a sad situation, but one that is all too common in the film industry.Perhaps most interesting about this deal, however, is that the Universal acquisitions happened right as PolyGram was filming another project, a small sci-fi horror movie called “Pitch Black.” Since it would be the last movie they would ever produce as a company, their movie

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