‘Howards End’: Matthew Macfadyen on Kenneth Lonergan’s Secret Stage Directions and the Future of Henry and Margaret

[Editor’s Note: The following interview contains spoilers for the ending of “Howards End.”]It’s not in the finale of “Howards End,” but in many ways, the first kiss between Margaret Schlegel (Hayley Atwell) and Henry Wilcox (Matthew Macfadyen) has much of what makes the entire Starz series compelling.

Forgoing the usual white-hot romance of literary adaptations, this expression of love is a much simpler, gentler expression of mutual admiration.

This version of the E.M.

Forster novel appeals a bit more to modern sensibilities, but there’s a very specific drive that motivates everyone involved.As Macfadyen explains, part of that came from a short, but illuminating line in Kenneth Lonergan’s script.“Kenny Lonergan is the funniest,” Macfadyen told IndieWire.

“It was such a brilliant bit of stage direction in his screenplay for that moment: ‘Henry realizes then is the moment he ought to kiss her.’”It’s a perfect example of how so much Mr.

Wilcox — and

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