‘Hubie Halloween’ Review: Adam Sandler Does His Inarguable Thing in a Disposable October Caper

A few questions to ask yourself before watching “Hubie Halloween”: How long and loud are you liable to laugh at the sight of 90-year-old June Squibb wearing a T-shirt bearing the words “Boner Donor?” What about one saying “I Shaved My Balls For This?” Or “If You Can Read This, You’re In Fart Range”? If you’re still merrily chuckling at the idea of Squibb wearing the words “Kayaking Gets Me Wet” across her chest, then proceed to “Hubie Halloween,” for you’ll find all your holidays have come at once.

That’s about as good as the running gags get in Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix joint, which isn’t especially quick or funny even by the comedian’s basic standards — but is also too cheerfully, indifferently silly to raise much ire.Existing fans only need apply: Sandler’s work for the streaming giant has evolved to

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