Hugh Laurie, Emilia Clarke to Voice Terry Pratchett Adaptation ‘The Amazing Maurice’

Golden Globe-winning actor Hugh Laurie (“House”) and “Game of Thrones” actor Emilia Clarke will be part of the voice cast for animated feature “The Amazing Maurice.”The voice cast also includes David Thewlis (“Wonder Woman”), Himesh Patel (“Yesterday”), Gemma Arterton (“Vita & Virginia”) and Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”).

Toby Genkel (“Two by Two: Overboard!”) and Florian Westermann (“Little Dodo”) will co-direct.The film will be an adaptation of bestselling author, the late Terry Pratchett’s 2001 book “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents,” which is part of his iconic Discworld series.

The book is a take on the popular folk tale about the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

It won the Carnegie medal that recognizes the best children’s book in the U.K.The story follows a streetwise ginger cat who has the perfect money-making scam.

He finds a kid who plays a pipe, and also befriends his very own horde of talking rats.

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