‘I May Destroy You’ Star Weruche Opia on ‘Grey Area’ of Consent and Her Fast Friendship with Michaela Coel

Though HBO’s “I May Destroy You” premiered more than a year ago, Michaela Coel’s existential sexual-assault odyssey remains of the Emmy race’s most provocative entries.

Vying in the Limited Series categories, the show is inspired by Coel’s own assault while writing her 2015 British comedy series “Chewing Gum.” While her character Arabella’s journey is the show’s emotional anchor, a supporting cast of friends including Terry (Weruche Opia) and Kwame (Paapa Essiedu) experience their own encounters with sexual exploitation.

Opia, a hopeful in the Limited Series Supporting Actress race, plays Terry as a scrappy rising actor struggling to land fulfilling roles, a challenge that Opia said she could easily run with.“It’s been 10 years now, constantly going on auditions, constantly being told no,” the Nigerian actress told IndieWire on a phone call from London.

“I was lucky enough that I was still confident enough to

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