‘I’m Your Woman’ Review: Gripping Rachel Brosnahan Thriller Will Keep You Guessing

You’ll be halfway through “I’m Your Woman” before its premise is clear, but the mystery is as gripping as its payoff.

Director Julia Hart’s fourth feature pairs an engrossing turn from Rachel Brosnahan with a tense ‘70s-set script constructed with jigsaw precision.

The full picture may amount to a contrived gangster story, but Hart (who scripted with her partner Jordan Horowitz) approaches that formula from the inside out.“I’m Your Woman” owes much to Brosnahan’s evolving performance as she goes from terrified housewife to trenchant survivalist over the course movie, and the movie consolidates the strengths of Hart’s previous work.

Like her breakout Civil War script “The Keeping Room,” it finds women trapped in a man’s world, and forced to resort to violence as a means of escape.

And like the lo-fi superhero drama “Fast Color,” its heroine goes on the lam before she truly understands what’s chasing her,

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