In The Succession Season 4 Premiere, The Roy Siblings Finally Seem Kind Of Happy

This piece contains spoilers for the “Succession” season 4 premiere.If one had to compare Logan Roy (Brian Cox) to any other character in a prestige drama, it would probably be Tony Soprano.

They’re both powerful men living luxurious lives, and they also happen to be terrible for everyone around them.

For six seasons in “The Sopranos,” we watched as the mob leader became increasingly cruel and manipulative to everyone in his life; by the time the finale hit with its famous cut-to-black, it seemed clear that his family and friends probably would in fact be better off without him.

Sure, if Tony died in that diner scene it’d be sad and traumatic for his family members, but long-term? Carmella, Meadow, and Aj would no longer be beholden to the mob life; they’d be free to do their own things on their own terms.The big difference between Tony and Logan

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