IndieWire Consider This Fyc Brunch: TV Creators Reveal How to Build Creative Trust

One of the vital parts of making TV is having a certain amount of clarity in storytelling.

From the writing of individual episodes to the relationships with cast to the environment on set, building trust among a group of creatives and the audience is essential.At IndieWire’s inaugural Consider This Fyc brunch, the creative engines behind four different TV shows gathered for an Above the Line panel.

Moderated by IndieWire TV Critic Ben Travers, one of the themes that emerged from the conversation became how to establish this trust in the process of creating a TV show.“The Act” showrunners Michelle Dean and Nick Antosca talked about the process of bringing a real-life experience to the screen while avoiding some of the pitfalls of other crime-based shows.

Working together with their different backgrounds, the show became a melding of different approaches to the same story.

Dean’s journalism background

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