‘Infidel’ Review: Jim Caviezel, Who Once Played Jesus, Risks Martyrdom Again in Faith-Centric Thriller

In “Infidel,” Jim Caviezel plays Christian blogger Doug Rawlins, who travels to Cairo to participate in a televised conference on religion.

The Muslim host seeks commonalities between the two faiths.

“We love Jesus Christ,” the man says, after which Doug pauses for a moment, weighing his words, before rejecting the figurative olive branch.

“He is God,” Doug And He wants to be your God.” The audience is stunned at Doug’s audacity.

Less surprising to all parties, Doug is kidnapped from his hotel room by angry Muslims a few hours later.The movie actually opens with Doug facing a firing squad on a Tehran rooftop, so we know from the jump that his Cairo visit didn’t go well.

On the surface, “Infidel” appears to be a straightforward Middle East-set thriller — the kind that reaffirm Americans’ xenophobic impulses, wherein Muslims fulfill the worst stereotypes and traditional music played over dusty

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