‘Insecure’ Review: Season 5 Stays True to Itself in an Enriching, Intimate Final Year

Across its five seasons, Issa Rae’s shrewd sitcom about the millennial goose chase for love and success against the backdrop of LA’s indifference has gradually moved in the direction of urban fantasy.

Paychecks stay the same, but the clothes grow more sumptuous.

Apartments sprout accent walls and lamps from West Elm.

Insecure” has always afforded its characters hefty insulation from the real world, but its newest season, filmed earlier this year, feels set in an alternate universe where people never stopped going out to eat and putting on real pants.

How you respond to “Insecure” Season 5 compared to Season 4 will correlate with how you’ve welcomed the series’ subtle key change.

The more in love you are with its well-worn circle of friends, the more relieved you’ll be to discover that nothing, not even a pandemic, can infiltrate their deliberately constrained world.

I, for one, was delighted.

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