Interscope Films Relaunches With Full Slate at Tribeca (Exclusive)

The Interscope record label’s interest in film/music crossover isn’t exactly a secret: With hit companion albums for “A Star Is Born,” “Black Panther” and “La La Land,” they’ve seemed to own the soundtrack space at times in recent years.

And the company hasn’t completely made a secret of its desire to move into film production.

But with three films premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend, they’re ready to go on record as officially being in the movie business with the launch of Interscope Films.Or re-launch, in a manner of thinking.

If “Interscope Films” rings a bell of any kind, it may be because you know your history.

Before there was a music company by that name, Ted Fields started Interscope Communications (aka Interscope Pictures) in 1982, before it morphed into the music behemoth we know today in 1990 and the filmmaking component eventually dropped away.

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