Isabel Castro Discusses Her Debut Doc Feature ‘Mija’ and Immigration Issues It Raises

Isabel Castro’s feature documentary debut, “Mija,” turns the standard music documentary on its head by instead focusing on the people behind the scenes, in this case 23-year-old music manager Doris Muñoz.

When her otherwise successful career hits a road bump, she meets promising Chicana singer Jacks Haupts, with whom she bonds.

Both are the first American-born members of their undocumented families on whose hopes for legal immigration rest.

Success is not only a goal but a must.Castro is a four-time Emmy nominated Mexican-American journalist-producer who has written on immigration issues for the New York Times and produced two seasons of the Emmy-winning series “Vice” on HBO, among others.She spoke with Variety about her doc, which world premieres Jan.

22 at Sundance.What motivated you to make “Mija”?While covering immigration for the last 10 years, I was longing to tell a different kind of immigration story — one that didn

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