Issa Rae: ‘It’s astounding that our talent hasn’t been recognised’

The woman behind cult HBO comedy Insecure has been making and starring in her own series for years.

What took Hollywood so long to notice?Issa Rae, one of the first black women to create and star in a premium cable series and potentially the hardest-working person in Hollywood, is putting in overtime with the aim of having it all.

She is Emmy-nominated.

She is Golden Globe-nominated.

She is a writer, an actor and an executive producer, often all at once.

Her hit HBO show, Insecure, which just aired its fourth season, has transformed her into the patron saint of black millennial creatives.

She is the black Madonna, adorning endless mood-boards.Fans, black fans specifically, don’t simply watch Insecure, we live-tweet it, we argue about it, we create petitions for it to be extended to one hour, much to the chagrin of its creator.

“We sold a half-hour comedy,

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