It’s Flesh Feast Or Famine As Yellowjackets Season 2 Somehow Gets Even Darker

This post contains spoilers for the available episodes of “Yellowjackets” season 2.”Yellowjackets” returned for season 2 last week with a vengeance, and episode 2 picks up right where things left off.

In case you somehow forgot, Shauna ate Jackie’s ear, and now she’s dealing with the psychological aftermath.

She’s still hallucinating visions of Jackie, who tell Shauna that the bear meat is almost gone and the team is going to be in serious trouble if things don’t change.

Lest we forget, we aren’t watching a ghost of Jackie, this is purely a manifestation of Shauna’s grief, so everything Jackie says is an extension of how Shauna really feels.

The subtext through their entire conversation is Shauna performing mental gymnastics to justify the inevitable — they’re going to have to eat Jackie to survive.Except the devastating delusions don’t stop here.

Jackie and Shauna are also bonding, with Shauna doing Jackie’s hair to cover up her missing ear,

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