Jacob Batalon Wouldn’t Mind If Spider-Man: No Way Home Was The End Of The Franchise

As the 1990s alternative rock poet Daniel Dodd Wilson wrote in the memorable lyrics of “Closing Time,” “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” For Jacob Batalon, playing Ned Leeds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was an explosive beginning to a promising acting career.

Since making his first appearance in Jon Watts’ Spider-Man trilogy, starring Tom Holland as the friendly neighborhood web-slinger, the actor has appeared in a number of films (MCU and otherwise) and is now dabbling in acting and producing for television thanks to SyFy’s “Reginald the Vampire.”With all these new beginnings, it sounds like the Hawaii native is keeping very busy.

But does that necessarily mean that he’s okay with the way we left things in “Spider-Man: No Way Home?” Is he ready to move on from the House of Ideas and pursue other projects? Well, yes and no.

Batalon recently touched on

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