James Cameron Wanted ‘Terminator 2’ To Be His ‘Wizard Of Oz’ & Was High When Developing The Sci-Fi Sequel

Director James Cameron is one of the more creative people making large studio action films.

While he’s considered a perfectionist on set, to the point of frustrating and firing crew members when they don’t execute his vision (Cameron has worked pretty much every job on a film set before becoming a director), it’s nice to hear that he was open to more psychedelic methods during the creative process of developing “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”Read More: James Cameron Regrets Being A “Tinpot Dictator” On Set & Strives To Be More Like Ron HowardDuring a retrospective interview for the film’s 30th anniversary with The Ringer, the filmmaker revealed that he was using ecstasy and listening to Sting’s pop song “Russians” when it struck him that it might be a good idea to include a young version of John Connor in the sequel, that role went to first-time actor Edward Furlong.

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