James Mangold Looks Back at the ‘Corrupt’ System Between Harvey Weinstein and Film Critics

James Mangold was hot off his feature directorial debut “Heavy” when he landed a star-studded cast and an industry-leading distributor (Miramax) for his 1997 follow-up “Cop Land.” Working with Miramax brought Mangold into the orbit of Harvey Weinstein early in the director’s career.

In a new interview with Vulture looking back at the making and release of “Cop Land,” Mangold details how Miramax in the late 1990s was “an incredibly thuggish place to work.”“It had a very unusual environment at that time,” Mangold said.

“[It was] this place that seemed golden, in Hollywood’s eyes, and in the zeitgeist.

You felt honored to be included, but you also felt like you were a cog in a system that was dark and corrupt.

It seemed like everyone was reading their own clippings and feeling thrilled to be part of this club that was the hottest little studio in the world.”Mangold says

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