Jamie Bell Warns ‘Save Your Time’ and Don’t Watch ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot: It Was ‘Famously a Disaster’

The 2015 “Fantastic Four” reboot was critically panned, bombed at the box office, and won three Razzie Awards, solidifying it as what some say is the worst superhero movie to date.Miles Teller played Mr.

Fantastic alongside onscreen wife Kate Mara as the Invisible Woman.

Michael B.

Jordan took over the Human Torch role from fellow MCU star Chris Evans’ original turn, and Jamie Bell played The Thing.

And while the all-star cast are all critically acclaimed actors now, Bell warns against revisiting the “ill-fated” film with rose-tinted glasses.Bell called “Fantastic Four” “famously a disaster” of a movie.

The “Shining Girls” star told host Andy Cohen on his Sirius Xm show Radio Andy that the film most definitely does not deserve a second look seven years later.“No, I don’t think so,” Bell said.

“Save your money, save your time.

I’m just trying to help your listeners here.

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