Jane Campion and Jonny Greenwood Discuss the Dark, Complicated Score in ‘The Power of the Dog’

Jonny Greenwood’s score for Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog” is dark and complicated, just like its characters.Campion’s latest film has garnered critical acclaim and could land her a historic best director nomination at the Academy Awards.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Phil Burbank, a complex cowboy living on the family ranch and whose life is disrupted when his brother brings home a new wife, Rose (Kristen Dunst), and son, Peter, played by Kodi-Smit McPhee.In a new video from the Netflix Playlist Series, Campion and Greenwood discuss the score and their collaborative process.While Campion trusted the composer entirely, she calls the creative process a happy time as the two swapped ideas back and forth, exchanging emails and conversations.Campion says, “He thought a lot about instruments and creating a palette for the instruments in the way that designers often do.”In the film, expected

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