Jane Fonda Says Golden Globes ‘Should Have Recognized’ ‘I May Destroy You’

When it came time for the Golden Globes nominations earlier this year, Michaela Coel’s groundbreaking HBO series “I May Destroy You” infamously received zero recognition.

That news, in part, inspired a reckoning in Hollywood about the makeup of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hosts the annual awards and now must find ways to make its voting body more diverse.

One huge fan of the show, which she expressed when receiving the Golden Globes’ Cecil B.

DeMille Award back in February, is Jane Fonda, who in a recent, wide-ranging interview in Harper’s Bazaar, said that Coel’s series should’ve gotten more awards attention.“I don’t understand it.

They should have recognized her.

With the Emmys, if I have anything to do with it … .

There’s very little as important as what Michaela’s done,” Fonda said.

The series, based on Coel’s own experience, follows her

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