Jared Leto on Resolutions, Method Acting and How His ‘The Little Things’ Character Is Like The Joker

Academy Award winner Jared Leto credits his success in the entertainment industry to several factors – one being stubbornness.

“I’ve been really fortunate, and you know, I’ve just been really stubborn,” he revealed on Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast.

“I think eventually, people are like, ‘Ok, well, fine.

He’s here, we might as well just let them hang around for a while.’”Leto, who has also found massive success in the music industry with his band 30 Seconds to Mars, joined the final Awards Circuit Podcast of 2020 to discuss his role in the upcoming thriller “The Little Things,” but also discussed whether he does New Years’ resolutions, Mars Island, his upcoming role in “Morbius” and whether we’ll see his Joker again.

Listen to the podcast below!“The Little Things” stars Denzel Washington and Rami Malek as detectives trying to track down a serial killer in a small town.

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