Jason Blum Regrets That ‘The Hunt’ Pre-Release Controversy Tanked the Movie

Director Craig Zobel’s Trump-era satire “The Hunt” was delayed months by Universal Pictures following right-wing backlash against the movie’s perceived bias, and in the wake of mass shootings in summer 2019.

By the time the movie came out in March of 2020, barely a week before theaters across the country shuttered due to Covid, response was muted, and it grasped only $16 million at the box office.In a new interview with ComicBook.com (via The Playlist), producer Jason Blum (also the head of production company Blumhouse) revealed his regrets over the firestorm surrounding the movie tanking its chances at a successful release.

The movie, starring Betty Gilpin, centers around a group of strangers who are hunted for sport by elitists, working in the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory.“The pre-release controversy of ‘The Hunt’ ruined the whole movie,” Blum said.

“I mean, it ruined the release of the movie.

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