Jason Kothari and John Fusco to Produce Bruce Lee-Scripted ‘The Silent Flute’

Jason Kothari, Hong Kong-born entrepreneur and film producer who was an executive producer on Vin Diesel-starring “Bloodshot,” has acquired all rights to The Silent Flute, the spiritual martial arts project co-written by martial arts icon Bruce Lee in 1970.

The project is to be set up as a limited series with John Fusco (“Marco Polo”) as screenwriter and executive producer.The story of “Silent Flute” is set in a dystopian future after mankind has suffered from pandemics, fires and civil wars, and where all weapons and combat arts are banned.

It follows a raw fighter who overcomes grave obstacles and loss to reach enlightenment and become the best fighter in the world.“The Silent Flute” film script was a five-year collaboration between Lee and his friends and martial arts students, Oscar-winning writer Stirling Silliphant and Oscar-winning actor James Coburn.

It encapsulated Lee’s vision for the true essence of martial

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