Jean-Luc Godard Wants Wild Boars to See His Films at Berlinale

Thanks to Twitter, we now really know what Jean-Luc Godard thinks about animals: They’re future filmgoers.Berlinale tweeted a video of the famed auteur discussing his retrospective exhibition as part of the festival’s Sentiments, Signes, Passions, curated by Fabrice Aragno in collaboration with Godard.

The exhibition screens Godard’s 2018 “Le livre d’image” as a “living projection” on 40 screens.“What I would like is what I told you, is that in Berlin, since there are often wild boars in the city of Berlin, a feeder for wild boars should be placed under the screens,” Godard said.He added, “The film, or something from the cinema, is like when you go into nature and see trees that have several branches.

What [cinematographer] Fabrice Aragno does, it is each time a tree of the cinema.

In Berlin it will be the second time.

The first time was in Nyon.

I hope

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