Jeff Bridges Steers Golden Globes Audience Towards ‘Creating a Healthy Planet For All of Us’

There are few Hollywood stars more deserving of a career-spanning achievement award than Jeff Bridges, who has been acting since he was an actual infant — the son of the legendary actor Lloyd Bridges and actress and writer Dorothy Bridges made his uncredited debut in John Cromwell’s “The Company She Keeps” when he was less than two years old — and so his Sunday night coronation as the latest winner of the Golden Globes’ Cecil B.

DeMille Award seemed nothing if not incredibly appropriate (and perhaps a little overdue).Bridges, of course, likes to mix things up, and the star of such varied films as “The Big Lebowski,” “The Last Picture Show,” “Tron,” “Hell or High Water,” and “The Mirror Has Two Faces,” offered up a charming, wide-ranging acceptance speech after a loving introduction from fellow actor (and “Hell or High Water” co-star) Chris Pine and a career-spanning montage narrated by Sam Elliott.

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