Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Hustlers’ Inspiration Says She Was Only Offered $6,000 From Studio

Hustlers,” since opening on September 13 following a smash world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, has earned nearly $160 million worldwide, along with a wave of accolades for the film’s star, Jennifer Lopez.

In the film written and directed by Lorene Scafaria, Lopez plays a version of Samantha Barbash, a single mother from the Bronx whom Scafaria discovered in a 2015 New York Magazine feature about strippers.Barbash has revealed that as a $40 million lawsuit against the filmmakers and studio St Entertainment continues to unfold, she was offered only $6,000 for her participation — which she declined.

(Vanity Fair has the scoop.) Barbash’s lawyer, Bruno V.

Gioffre Jr., has said that Stx offered Barbash the chance to join the project, by way of a documentary-style interview featured at the end of the movie.“We were sent a waiver/release which would have given away all of Samantha’s rights, including her

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