John Boyega Says Attack The Block 2’s Grown-Up Moses Is ‘Pretty Darn Bloody Frickin’ Dope’

If you’ve found yourself missing the fictional “Attack The Block” crew in the years since Joe Cornish’s excellent London-set alien invasion movie debuted, you’re not alone.

In an interview for the latest issue of Total Film, star John Boyega shared some insights about the long-anticipated sequel to the 2011 movie, and revealed that he’s thought about the character he played, Moses, often in the intervening years.”It’s a character that I really understand,” the “Star Wars” actor explained.

“In creating him when I was younger, I really understand where he’s at now.

It’s the character that’s stuck with me the longest.” The character of fifteen-year-old teen gang leader Moses was then-stage actor Boyega’s first-ever role on film, and his breakout role as well.

The often-underestimated and racially profiled heart of the film, Moses ends up under arrest in its final scene, but his neighbors know he’s really a hero.

“Every year I’d think,

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