John Carpenter Will Resurrect Lost Music from ‘The Thing’ with New Ep

A new version of the original soundtrack for “The Thing,” John Carpenter’s classic science-fiction horror movie from 1982, is coming for fans of the film and Carpenter’s own work as a composer.

“Lost Cues: The Thing,” a compilation of unreleased music from the body-horror film set in Antarctica, will arrive on May 5 via Waxwork and Sacred Bones on vinyl.

Take a look at the artwork below.While iconic Italian composer Ennio Morricone provided the film’s original score — because Carpenter wanted a European feel to the production — that music was largely composed before Morricone even got a glimpse of the film.

During post-production, Carpenter composed his own cues, many of which were lost but now found in this edition.

A new press of Morricone’s original score, which mostly also went unused in the movie, will also hit on May 5.More from IndieWireJohn Carpenter on ‘Halloween‘ Series

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