John Mulaney and Nick Kroll Destroy Harvey Weinstein in Spirit Awards Open: He’ll Die in an ‘Xxl Unmarked Grave’

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll have returned to the Indie Spirit Award stage to prove they’re one of the best hosting duos around.

After a successful debut last year, for the 33rd edition of the awards show Mulaney and Kroll wasted no time tearing into disgraced Hollywood players like Harvey Weinstein.“There’s some stuff we should address,” the hosts said, referencing the many accused men in Hollywood.

“Last year everyone famous died, this year everyone famous wishes they were dead.

The rules have changed for men.

Some men are like can we hug women anymore? Not the way you’re doing it, all breathy.”Mulaney remembered being in a meeting with Weinstein in 2015 to talk about television projects.

Weinstein cracked that he’d be more remembered for TV efforts like “Project Runway” than iconic indie films like “Pulp Fiction.” Mulaney said Weinstein told him they’d even write “Project Runway” on his grave.

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