Jon Stewart Says Giving a Platform to Bill O’Reilly Is the ‘Worst Legacy’ of ‘The Daily Show’

It’s been five years since Jon Stewart retired from “The Daily Show,” and the veteran comedian is still closely following politics and the news media.

Stewart, who hosted the late-night show for 16 years, recently spoke to the New York Times’ David Marchese in a wide-ranging interview about current events, contemporary news coverage, and his legacy at “The Daily Show.”His opinion on the latter-most point stemmed from a question regarding the current state of Fox News.

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was a frequent guest on “The Daily Show” during Stewart’s tenure and Stewart said that consistently giving O’Reilly such a large platform was possibly the worst aspect of his work on the comedy show.“The question was always, ‘Why would you talk to him? Why do you have him on the show if you can’t destroy him?’ If you want to talk about the

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