Jonas Akerlund on ‘Polar,’ Mads Mikkelsen, Working with Netflix

Released by Netflix on Friday, action-thriller “Polar,” a Netflix Original Movie starring Mads Mikkelsen (“Hannibal”), stands about half-way between Ott comic noir and big multiplex action-thriller.It opens with an aerial shot creeping over woods towards a mansion somewhere in Chile as a motley squad of assassins moves in for the kill.

The target, Michael (Johnny Knoxville), 50-ish, a former hitman himself, is now snorting coke and popping a pill before sex by the pool with babelicious Sindy (Rubu O.Fee).Cut, after Michael’s dispatch, to Mikkelsen, playing Duncan Vizla, aka the Black Kaiser, the world’s No.

1 assassin, going through a pre-retirement medical checkup with an air of near zen-like calm.

It’s as if he’s living in another world.

Which is a way he is.

As anticipated in the opening scene, in its blood-splattered film title, caricature of the hit squad as unconscionable psychopaths, and camera

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