Jonathan Groff Sang His Frozen 2 Song On The Knock At The Cabin Set Because Of Course He Did

As an actor, Jonathan Groff has led something of a double life.

Netflix viewers may know him as the star of David Fincher’s “Mindhunter,” where he played an FBI behavioral scientist interviewing serial killers like Charles Manson.

In “The Matrix Resurrections,” Groff took over from Hugo Weaving as the villainous Agent Smith, earning himself the nickname “The Savage” on the set because he “would just go so hard” during his stunt training.

Then, there’s the new M.

Night Shyamalan thriller, “Knock at the Cabin,” where Groff plays the victim of an apocalyptic home invasion in the proverbial cabin in the woods.Yet despite memorable horror and action credits like these, Groff remains a true chameleon who isn’t easily pigeonholed.

He’s also a Tony Award-nominated stage actor, who has appeared in “Hamilton” on Broadway and further showed off his singing skills by guest-starring on “Glee.” In Disney’s “Frozen” and “Frozen II

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