Jordan Peele Offers ‘Nope’ Clues About Steven Yeun’s Cowboy With ‘Jupiter’s Claim’ Amusement Park Website

Although “Nope” is only three weeks away from hitting theaters, Universal has been keeping a lid on plenty of the details of the film, beyond distributing some intriguing images of unidentified flying objects and ranch living in the movie’s trailers.

Now, director Jordan Peele is offering a deeper look at the world of the film, sharing a link to a website for “Jupiter’s Claim,” a fictional institution that appears to be headlined by Steven Yeun’s character.Peele shared the Jupiter’s Claim website on his Twitter Friday afternoon, pointing users to the domain to peruse the world of “Nope.”— Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) July 1, 2022Website visitors are immediately greeted with a salutation from Yeun’s character Ricky “Jupe” Park, who introduces himself as a “former child actor and reality TV star… of ‘Kid Sheriff’ fame.’ A booming hero ballad also begins to play upon visiting the website.

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