Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’: Star Elisabeth Moss Promises Secretive Film Will Be Another ‘Thought-Provoking Popcorn Movie’

Oscar winner Jordan Peele has been hammering away on the new projects after making his feature debut with last year’s critical and commercial hit “Get Out,” but few are as anticipated as his second film “Us,” a new “social-horror thriller” that has been kept under wraps since it was announced last May.Even the film’s IMDb page notes that the plot is “unknown,” but there have been a handful of hints as to what’s to come, from early casting announcements of co-leads Elisabeth Moss and Lupita Nyong’o to an intriguing teaser poster.

The pair will also be joined by “Black Panther” breakout Winston Duke, Kara Hayward, and Tim Heidecker.Star Moss recently debuted “Her Smell” at Tiff this past week, where she was already getting hit with the inevitable queries about the film.

While the actress is not able to say much about a project that

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