Josh Brolin: Why ‘Deadpool 2’ Role Felt Like a ‘Business Transaction’ Compared to Thanos

Josh Brolin is a staple of the comic book movie genre thanks to his roles as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Cable in “Deadpool 2,” but only one role gave the actor the kind of freedom he craves as a performer.

During an interview with James and Roger Deakins on this week’s episode of the “Team Deakins” podcast, Brolin said acting in “Deadpool 2” felt like “more of a business transaction” because his performance had to meet the specific comedic tone of the franchise.

Thanos, on the other hand, came with a lot more flexibility and a chance for Brolin to tap into inspired reference points.“I mentioned Brando in ‘Apocalypse Now,’ this guy who is very elusive and insane but what he is saying makes sense and is poetical,” Brolin said about tackling the Thanos role.

“I started seeing the parallel which I liked for me.

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