Julia Sawalha furious after being told she is ‘too old’ for Chicken Run sequel

Actor feels ‘plucked, stuffed and roasted’ having been informed the voice of Ginger in the upcoming Chicken Run 2 will be recastJulia Sawalha has said she has been “plucked, stuffed and roasted” after being told that she would not be cast in the forthcoming sequel to the hit Aardman Animation film Chicken Run as her voice sounded “too old”.In the original film, released in 2000, Sawalha voiced the lead role of Ginger, the plucky hen who inspires her fellow egg-layers to escape from a farm when they are threatened with being turned into pies.

News of the development of a sequel first emerged in 2018, and Netflix’s involvement was announced in June.

It is due to be directed by Sam Fell (ParaNorman) and start production in 2021.

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