‘Jungle Cruise’ Docks With $34 Million in Theaters, $30 Million on Disney Plus

Jungle Cruise” completed its first voyage with $34.2 million in theatrical ticket sales and another $30 million on Disney Plus, leading the competition in North America.The Disney film, starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, debuted slightly ahead of expectations despite concerns the Delta variant would keep family crowds at home.

At the international box office, “Jungle Cruise” brought in a lackluster $27.6 million from 47 overseas territories, buoying its worldwide box office haul to $61.8 million.For a movie that cost $200 million to produce, as “Jungle Cruise” did, its box office opening weekend would traditionally be a major disappointment.

But the pandemic has upended the movie theater business, scrambling the rubric for success as the industry mounts a recovery.

Today, that haul seems almost respectable, though it doesn’t mean “Jungle Cruise” will be profitable, at least not in its theatrical iteration.

A film with that price tag would typically have to generate at

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