‘Jungle Cruise’ Sets Sail With A $34.2 Million Domestic Opening; Adds $30 Million More On Disney Plus

After the runaway success of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, it’s surprising that it took Disney 18 years to turn another beloved theme-park ride into a potential blockbuster movie franchise.

However, after the long-awaited arrival of the studio’s splashy, E-ticket adventure Jungle Cruise, the jury is still out on whether the long wait was worth it.

Yes, the family-friendly, white-water spectacle easily debuted in the top spot with a $34.2 million haul at the domestic box office (plus another $30 million from premium rentals on its Disney Plus streaming service).

But considering its steep $200 million production budget and the fact that it’s top-lined by, literally, one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars, Dwayne Johnson, the result can’t help but feel a little lackluster.Originally slated for release in July 2020, Jungle Cruise was one of the most high-profile theatrical casualties of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally hitting multiplexes after sitting for a year on shelves,

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